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That's not nice.....

So.... hellopitesti.ro was invited by a local television yesterday to take part to a show and discuss the new campaign that we launched "TU CE VREI?" They asked us to do a show later that day, like in 4 hours. We said ok, but not today, it is too short notice. We're ok with tomorrow. 

The young lady said ok and that she would call back (that was yesterday) later that same day in order to inform us about the arangements, time and location etc. She did not call back yesterday and not even today. Was it a practical joke? A spam phone call? Candid camera? Dunno....

All we know is this....If it was a true call, that is not nice, you local TV. It's about being professional....And no, this is not about being on that TV show, this is about the phone call you said you would make but never did.

Autor:   hellopitesti.ro

0  comenteaza 13 October, 2009  

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O  veryyyyyyyyy nice!!!!!   Vineri, 16 Octombrie 2009 14:26
I can bet that this has something to do with Arges TV. Maybe those TV moderators that invited you, they hoped that you would lobby for Penescu, but that`s another discussion about the professionals that work in our local media. Nobody wants to write or talk about the real problems of the young generation, except what the leaders of this county tells them to write... They should be ashamed of themselves!

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